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I was the first who fell love in you
And the last one who hurts you
In the wedding I'll be the first attendees
And be the last who leave
When you put your ring I'll be the first well-wishers
And the last who smiling
And when you dance I'll be first cheerleaders
And the last who sealed the dance
But promised to the next morning to come to my grave
And be the first visitors
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I am Nothing
No longer attracts me anything
Better to carry a banner on my hand says:
I do not want to know any one
I do not want to waiting any one
I do not want anything except the grave beside my love
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Golden Rule by Loks7 Golden Rule :iconloks7:Loks7 0 0
Difficult to smile
Smile when you smile the most difficult of the reality of a painful
More difficult to smile when you smile in your eyes shedding tears
More difficult to smile when you are prompted to smile in the face of others and inside a huge pain
More difficult to smile when you smile in the face of who hurts me
More difficult to smile when you find your heart cries and paint a smile on your face
More difficult to smile when you grabbing the smile
More difficult to smile when you smile in the face of mocking
More difficult to smile when you smile in the face of who abandoned you
More difficult to smile when it paints without colors
Hardest smile that emerges on the face of others and you lose it
The most difficult thing that comes when it does not find the drawing tools to be able to draw a smile as usual,
The most difficult thing to look for the smile and did not find
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I adore you I
My life with you and my soul long to meet you
I know that long distance between me and you
But so many my eyes yearn to seeing you
My Love can you respond to this call
I have loved you and I swore I live on your love
And by your look you owned me and I became live on the promise
High above my love to your side so complete my joy
And claimed us to be together in Paradise
When you are silent with me I feel love
And a glance in your eyes I understand your words
The touch of your hands I feel all the affection
Became for me everything, even the air
My Love I can not live without you
Has become distances to me is death and destruction
Do not leave me alone without you
You are my life and ALL my soul from all the threads of time
I do not want this world, only your lips
I do not want one of this universe except you
I adore you....I adore you....I adore you
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 3
No life without you II
I can not live without you
Longer wait on the balcony of the years between the nights of thinking
Going on in my mind How can you as a measure how of your love
I took a deep breath exhale even launched
Bit long vision was floating around the bed
How can I be without you
But I can not live without you
Drank a cup of love did not saturate the thirst of your love
I realized that the lonely killing you as well killing me
Especially because in my mind and soul melt sweet memories in my mind
How to described her
Someone who does not unmarked by a strong personality
A person with wisdom and gentleness of ethics overwhelmed
I did not see similar patience as her patience
Steadfast like a mountain that does not shaking by any Wind
Landing nostalgia in every part
Rise above height of her glory
Nobility is reflected in her veins
My Princess illuminate the basis of dignity in my life
Derives its looks from the nectar of hope
Can be described by the advent of pen
Will not like the choice, and descri
:iconloks7:Loks7 1 0
No life without you
Those in the balcony of our house I saw her
Since then I fell in love at that moment
Her love dominated everything in my life
Which became my Oxygen which I breathe life from her
It is my hope that the revived for her
Is a bright future and the past and present
Flowers bloom if I saw her smiling
And wilt if I felt the pain
I love it all about her
I can no longer live without her
The day became dark ... And the nights are depressing without taste or joy
It is the intensity of my love to her .... My eyes filled with tears.
When be next to me
And carving my ribs a prison for her to live in a Jail...And to wish wishes
For nothing, just because I love her
There no place for a pulse in myself of her
I feel that my soul may split 2/2 ... To keep the other half bright between myself
My spirit has no place no homeland without her
She become everything for me .... I want to scream each string of sound ropes ... To say I love you, the other 2/2
Beauty of this world of beauty of your happiness and
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 5
A moment of love
I will love you until death
No matter how many the problems have increased
And deepen the pain and increased years
Befalls you despair of times of the moments
And placed me in the era of memories
I told our love all the girls
How much we have suffered and we managed our love
I will love you until death
Did not despair of the many difficulties
I will express for you distances
Which is full of barriers and crises
Please Stop times of hours
Listen and love for these cries
Screaming of a Knight has announced last victory
And approaching each day of the thinner girls
When these voices fall silent
You will find me in front of you, O beautiful and most pretty of all
If I did not exist! Say the magic word
In moments of each of the Girl I say every story of our love
About a knight love you even for a moment of death
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Shock of love II by Loks7 Shock of love II :iconloks7:Loks7 0 0
My pen
All that would like to meet
Quickly joined by poets
Write a poem of deaf
Described the eyes of beauty
And crash hearts tears still tear
Hope And despair of estrangement
And described how the pen of misery
Of longing, hope and burning
The more close to completion
Words flow to relieve the disease
Deepen the wound And the hope of the yard
The poem is still a deaf
Do not find it reduces suffering
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 2
If beauty was that I also want to be
It is perfect as I am that I myself
And that was perfect as men, I do not want to be
That I am, shall not be our perfection
So be just what you want to being a new
Being equal, and be as one
The beauty of you to be far
You are beautiful if you be there ... If I stayed here
We were be perfect,and nothing can separates us
:iconloks7:Loks7 3 7
Spirit of the mountain
Between yesterday passed
And tomorrow will come
I stand
At the Earth Height
Summoned memories
Flowing the memory of the soul
From the beginning of the sun
The time will come
Even endings
Mountains from the rock
Houses from the rock
Graves from the rock
Even men from the rock
Sunrise does not tire of the day
Starting of scream
Spirit to gasp at death
I will be standing
Waiting for you.
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 0
The last word
Calmly .. And all the love
Hear the last word
Do not want you
And if you came back
I will travel to another heart
And calmly. Hear the last word
Knew you consider deception
Believed you. And gave you
My feeling gave you by a word from you
And suddenly, it became all the rumors, true.
Hear the last word
Do not want you
The word. And ended it. Think what you did or leave from my life
I can not repeat the mistake
Hear the last word
From the heart loves you, and gave you and want you
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 0
O Sea III by Loks7 O Sea III :iconloks7:Loks7 0 0 O Sea II by Loks7 O Sea II :iconloks7:Loks7 0 0
I say mom .. It was the start of speech
Every day I say it with respect
Every day she show affection at every way
Not well known and always in time
How she even lighten everything in her way .. How much rumored life coz of her
Like the sun on the heads of creatures
Did I forget it every day
In operation and the lack of in a dream?
Of stress for a small child
Or big. With love and determination
They are all, not those kinds of
That included without any division
Nine months to bear suffering
Then a year and two until weaning
After this, there is convergence of the end
The way forward long
How much suffering and how much she suffer and I am the reason
What we felt no attention to that
But our ignorance of any valley I walk
In the move and without bridle rein
We have been engaged and lost her time
From start to life high above
All of this and how I please for my mother
Mother's Day along with the year
Do I need a mother day? The answer of course no
Because the mothers day, should be everyd
:iconloks7:Loks7 0 0


hidden in the mist by soccerhaddy hidden in the mist :iconsoccerhaddy:soccerhaddy 7 5 burst of light by soccerhaddy burst of light :iconsoccerhaddy:soccerhaddy 1 0 cannonball by soccerhaddy cannonball :iconsoccerhaddy:soccerhaddy 2 0 shady ends and new beginnings by soccerhaddy shady ends and new beginnings :iconsoccerhaddy:soccerhaddy 2 3 fernery by soccerhaddy fernery :iconsoccerhaddy:soccerhaddy 1 0
To remember
this is just stuff i want to remeber:
:iconmews-woofs:Mews-Woofs 1 0
Pleasant Dreams by Kamellion Pleasant Dreams :iconkamellion:Kamellion 9 18
It's this close
Yet stopped
Suddenly, just stopped
A starting point remains untouched
As if there's invisible barrier before it
As if there are shouting voices telling to turn back and leave it
As if there's threatening appearance before it
As if there are entangling chains that catch and prevents to reach it
There's no invisible barrier
There are no shouting voices
There's no threatening appearance
There are no entangling chains
Just throw away that Hesitation!!
It's now or never!!
Just go on with full speed!!
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 2 3
My tears isn't worth speaking
My name isn't worth mentioning
As knight I lack honor
As person I lack feelings
With a heart like a machine and bloods as cold as ice
I fought battles no one ever heard about
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 2 2
Yet another drop flows and falls
What is it that your glassy eyes trying to say this time..
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 1 1
Touch me, I'll touch you
Call me, I'll answer with smile
Ignore me, I'll stalk you
Punch me, I'll say thanks, that's hurts
Threaten me, I believe you won't do it
Love me, Don't you dare leave me
Kill me, You can't do it
Leave me, I'll die
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 1 1
Insecurity I
To get stronger I act strong
I'm alone, I have to be strong..
To act strong I hide my pains
Hurts, lonely, no one can see
I hide my pains, I hide how weak I am
Desperate, scared of what's coming
I really am weak..
But is there really nothing I can do?..
I still have breathe, I can still move
Just get away from here first..
I move, just keep moving
fix what's wrong.. change what's bad.. so much regrets..
I keep moving, I meet you
Hey, I'm not alone right?..
I'm just looking at you
I don't want to be alone again.. just stay with me..
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 3 2
With The Heart Goes The Wind by caughtindaisies With The Heart Goes The Wind :iconcaughtindaisies:caughtindaisies 2 13
Happy mothers day
My mother is very caring,
Yet sometimes she gets sad.
Sometimes she gets broken down,
And sometimes she gets mad.
She stronger for it.
Can't she see,
That I still love her,
And it's not just me?
No matter what, she says or does,
If it's happy or it's mad,
I hope she knows, that we all care,
Even when the times are bad.
So this year, on mothers day,
To my mom I'll give this to.
I love you mom, with all my heart,
And I've written this, for you.
:iconiloveetf:ILoveETF 2 7
Want To Hear
You can say what I want to hear, but that doesn't mean you mean it.
:icondefreve:Defreve 1 3
Living life like the touch of cold steel
Chasing what you chose, but losing the purpose
An endless torture within an endless war
An endless night, endlessly repeating
The light can be seen, but the fight you can't win
Desperately struggling, you lost even your own name
This place have caged me forever
And I've never have a freedom
By the last drop of my life I pray
I pray to you, an endless happiness and hopes for those who struggle..
:iconmontanaro-k:Montanaro-K 2 13


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
Albert Einstein

"Love always brings difficulties, that is true, but the good side of it is that it gives energy."
Van Gogh

"A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it."
George Bernard Shaw

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
Dr. Seuss

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air"
John Quincy Adams

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
Albert Einstein

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."
Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."
Martin Luther King Jr.

"If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."
Malcolm X

"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it."
Albert Einstein

"I love Humanity but I hate humans"
Albert Einstein

"Information is not knowledge."
Albert Einstein

"Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict"
William Ellery Channing

"It is surmounting difficulties that makes heroes"
Louis Pasteur

"Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all"
Ernest Shackleton

"Never do anything against conscience, even if the state demands it."
Albert Einstein

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"If you would judge, understand"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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